Weird habits (part 2)

Last time I wrote about my own weird habits, and that got me wondering if other people are also weird like me. So, I searched the internet for the weird habits that other people have, and I was not disappointed. (I added in a few of my own)

Here are a few:

  • Making sure you are completely under the bed covers so that the ghosts and demons can’t get you.1
  • Similarly, not letting your foot hang over the edge of the bed in case ‘something’ grabs it.
  • Coming up with a great comeback hours or days after the conversation or fight.1
  • Googling your own name to see what comes up.
  • Immediately taking off your work clothes when you get home. Going from formal to a sleepy homeless person in a matter of minutes. I call it my hobo-mode.1
  • Walking around, minding your own business, and then remembering a funny event or joke from years ago and chuckling to yourself like an idiot.1
  • When you’re driving around and looking for a place, turning down the music in order to see better.1
  • Saying words phonetically in order to spell it. This is especially true when you’re writing in your second language, like myself. I do this with too many words to count.1
  • People watching – who can resist?1
  • Wanting to clean up your place because you have a lot of other work that you don’t feel like doing.1
  • Listening to a song again because you were distracted the first time and didn’t fully enjoy it.
  • Deliberately listening to a song repeatedly until you hate it. Then a few months later you hear the song once more, and like it again.1
  • Getting dressed in a specific order – for example: underwear, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, jacket (that’s me, by the way).1
  • Being paranoid about having your stuff like your phone and wallet with you, even if you have just checked your pocket for them.1
  • Talking to your pets in a baby voice, like they’re humans. “Who’s the cutest doggie in the whole wide world? You are!”1
  • Measuring distance in the number of songs it takes to get there. It takes me three songs to get to work.2
  • Making sure there is no one in the backseat when getting into your car.2
  • Eating your food in a specific order. Some people eat the stuff they like the least first and end off with what they like the most.2 I also do this but I always think of what will cool off the quickest and eat in that order so that I don’t eat cold food.
  • Making sure that all the closets and doors in your room or apartment are closed before going to sleep, otherwise, you don’t get any shut-eye.2
  • When you have food in the microwave and you try to see how many tasks you can complete before the timer runs out.2
  • Constantly daydreaming about scenarios and what you’d say in those situations.2 This is me. I guess it has something to do with me being a writer (of sorts), but it also fuels my anxiety, which is not great.
  • When you go shopping and refuse to take the product that is at the front. I usually take the second or third one. I’m not the only weirdo in this sense, I learnt it from my mom.3

Well, as I said, the internet did not disappoint. However, if there’s anything you’d like to add to the list, feel free to contact me – details below.



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