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Helen from nominated me for The Face Behind the Blog Tag. (Check out Helen’s blog, I love it!) So, here’s a post about me, the weirdo behind this blog.


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Who am I?

I hate this question because I always have a mini identity crisis. Do any of us really know who we are? So, I’ll stick to the simple stuff.

I’m a 28-year-old South African woman (soon to be 29-year-old). I love writing, obviously, and I blog about whatever enters my clutter box. However, I enjoy writing about my family and the weird things that happen in my everyday life.

The short answer to ‘who am I?’: Just another idiot on the internet.

Where am I from?

As stated, I’m South African – born and bred. I live in the notoriously underwhelming city of Bloemfontein.

If you heard my English accent, you would think I’m Scandinavian. My accent is a weird mixture between a British, American, and South African accent, and I don’t know how that happened.

What’s a perfect day?

At this point, my perfect day would be one where I could go around in public without worrying about COVID-19.

Since that’s not possible, my perfect day would be one where I eat good food and spend my time with family, friends, and my fur babies.

What do I do?

There are two answers to this question. My day job is as an academic writing consultant at the university in town.

I blog and write other stories (I have made no money in this area yet). In addition, I also take and teach karate classes in the evenings.

Why do I blog?

I love writing and I enjoy having an outlet for my weirdness – it seemed like a perfect fit. Also, I’ve been blogging for so long (about 10 years) that it feels weird to not blog.

I wish I had a better answer to this question (insert nervous laugh here).


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